The Story Thus Far

The bar was teaming with business and Belenair didn’t come in. The other barmaid was overly busy. Misty and Mindy were here again at the bar admiring my skills. I wonder if I should ever take them to bed. I f did would they ever go away or come back for even more. Anyway, as I was talking to them an interesting group entered the bar and went quickly to a table. I listened in on their conversation. An Oracle named Azul, seemed very confused about the city and how it works. He had no idea on how money works. I guess I might teach him. I sent them some elfish mead as a good gesture. That was a dumb idea. That confused him even more. I also got the name of a monk called Kane, and alchemist called Kiff, and a ranger called Sira-ear. They were soon joined by a Wizard called Jaiden. I listened in on Jaiden reading a scroll about going to a manor house up on the hill to basically seek fortune and fame.

Since I knew the way, of course I offered my services. They seemed to accept the offer.
We left after my shift at the Wayward Lobster. I took them to the mansion. We met this older lady that smokes. Her breath is so tobacco laden that even an ogre would instantly fall over dead. Anyway, I think she offered us a job to open this box in the other room. Her accent is so thick that I would need a spell to understand her. We accepted and went into the other room.
On the table was a large metal box with runes and gems on it. I tried to identify the script but Kiff made a potion that made him smart or something. I wish he would make a permanent one for Azul, he really needs it. Well, the magic word was LUCRE. Of course the ranger said it first.

The box opened and out popped four monkeys with silver daggers. They started carving on the table and anything else they could find. The ranger immediately took a shot with a bow at point blank shot. Of course the monkey tried to stab him. Kane grabbed a hold of one by the wrists. I didn’t waste any time and thrust my rapier into the back of the monkey that tried to kill the ranger. The alchemist poured a bottle of fire onto another and burned him up and started a fire. Where did these people come from a cave? Anyway after I dispatched another the last one gave up and became a slave of the oracle. Maybe the monkey could teach him a thing or two.
I put out the fire again saving everyone, since obviously they understand the dangers of fire.

We called back in the smoking lady and apologized about the fire. I think she said that was a test and she had another job for us. She gave us 500 in gold as upfront payment and another 2000 if we finish. We have to find a friend that disappeared named Kiria. The lady thinks she was kidnapped by slavers and return her to the smoking lady. On our way out Natalia, a friend of the smoking lady, told us to forget about it and give up “it’s too dangerous”. You probably know what I wanted to tell her. She was hot and would look good beneath me though. We headed off to a bar to find some more information about the gangs and the information that I got was to check out market. We went there and of course the oracle got into trouble at the lily toss. What a dolt. From now on I am not saving his purse. “One coin one toss” said a sign. So he used gold. I’m done with him. He can be someone else’s responsibility. Out of the corner of my eye a merchant waved me over to his tent. I took Jaiden and Kane with me just to watch my backside. It was a fortune teller, and Jaiden was quick to give him coin. Looks like I was watching his backside. This fortune teller was a fake. Neither his cards nor his crystal ball was magical.

In all manner of abbreviation over the span of 15 months of playing in our campaign I can only hope to capture and recall the highlights of our adventures. If I miss something pertinent to your character it is unintentional, the purpose of this post is to get the Adventure Log up and running so we may maximize this site to it’s full potential. You can always add to it for purposes concerning your individual character, so please feel free.

~Jaidin Al’-Hazir (Joe)

- As an Exchange Agent within the Pathfinder Society of Osirion, Jaidin set towards Magnimar, following instruction from the society and his dreams which had haunted him recently.Magnimar.jpg

On his arrival to the city of Magnimar Jaidin made for a tavern called the Wayward Lobster. There he met Salkamarth; barkeep and owner of the hearty establishment. Salkamarth noticed some new faces tonight. With a bar towel he was drying a mug when the door opened and in walked a robed figure, a few leaves followed in behind him as he closed the door. Jaidin approached the bar his milky white hair slowly swayed as if he always had a slight breeze blowing at his back, his icy eyes of indigo seemed they could freeze you with a mere glance. Salkamarth noticed Jaidin was carrying a rolled up parchment set with the seal of the Pathfinder Society. When asked whom do you seek Jaidin turned and opened the parchment reading aloud its contents to the patrons. As he began to speak the voices in the room dropped to but a murmur. " I have been summoned by the Society in such a time that there is need; of brave souls who would risk their own safety and potentially their lives. This…..for the right to claim honor and fame in Magnimar, if not all of Varisia. Those who would wish to learn further should seek out Sheila Heidmarch, Venture Captain of the Pathfinder Society here in Magnimar." Sheila.jpg

- Jaidin was able to persuade the elves and the human to meet a powerful noble at her manor, her name was Sheila Heidmarch and she had a test for the group. The group opened a strange extradimensional box and battled three or four little canine creatures. One of the gremlins pleaded for mercy, and Azul (the only one who took Gnoll for a language :) felt pity for the little guy and let him live, befriending him in the meantime and affectionately calling him Wampy. Pugwampi.jpg

- Sheila challenged the group to find Natalya Vankaskerkin who also served the Pathfinder Society. The group would be given a reward for finding her and bringing her back dead or alive.

- The group soon found that innocent women were being kidnapped for a slavery ring near the docks. Kane and the group were attacked by Goblins and a masked humanoid named Plutivarch. Kane nearly died and Plutivarch got away.

- After careful investigation the group bumped into Fenster the Blight whose lair had innocent women bound on tables and on the floor. Azul and Salkamarth killed him and Kif blasted the room with a bomb.Fenster.jpg
- The group made their way underground to what was probably the transfer point for kidnapped women but they were overmatched by ranged attacks. Azul was able to smell others that had the ability to shift into other forms. The group also killed several Donkey Rats before departing the underground.Donkey_Rat.jpg

- Back on the surface the group began to feel the heat of their investigation and soon they were confronting the Tower Sisters and gaining allies with were-creatures in a battle over the biggest tower in Magnimar. Azul took on a different form of that of a werewolf and while Plutivarch was killed high in the tower, Azul nearly lost his life to a silvered sword, Jaidin too had to vanish and barely escaped. The sword wielder was Natalya Vankaskerkin.Natalya2.jpg

- Azul picked up the scent of Natalya and it lead back into the underground. Jaidin was hoping to acquire a certain pseudo-dragon so the party followed him to the High Academy of Magic. After some experimenting in the Head Magister’s Chamber Jaidin awakened a Golem that wanted to kill him as an intruder. Jaidin narrowly escaped that incident and Azul discovered some vital information about an ancient artifact known as the Sihedron.Sihedron.jpg

- The group went back underground to the transfer point and found rowboats leading out of a seacave. Salkamarth was pretty merciless to some scrubs who were toting the women to the rowboats and leaving them for the Tower Sisters corrupt members to take to nearby ships.

- After more searching and having crossbow bolts fired at them the group began to climb the inside of a colossal structure. Jaidin used magic to help find a very well hidden trap door that led into a chamber with several sarcophogi and the smell of mummified flesh. The group left the coffins alone.

- There was a fountain with unholy water that Kif was examining when Salkamarth found some platinum coins. Kif decided to blast a huge hole in the wall that was iced over and held some ancient evil. Beyond the wall was a statue of Alaznist the Runelord of Wrath, she held a ranseur that was magical. The group went in and fought off large sized abyssal worms.Larva.jpg

- The group was in an elevated dungeon. They invoked the wrath of a huge fire elemental thanks to Jaidin. They battled small demons named Dretches, some Hell Hounds, and even chance encounters with an imp and a small fly-like devil named Lord Baz. Samantha separated from the group but she survived. Lord_Baaz.jpg

- While exploring the group encountered a room with some strange translucent ooze creatures. Alien in origin they proved too much for Kif who, when daring to leap over one fell headlong into it. It enveloped him and the acid devoured most of him. Kane would not let him be forgotten and vowed to have him brought back to life.

- Soon after the group explored further in the elevated dungeon to find strange underdark creatures attacking them. One chiefly named Magister Krysm who was the leader of the Derro and responsible for a portion of the slavery ring. The group discovered the duergar performing mind-altering experiments on women in hopes of negating their sensitivity to sunlight. Magister Krysm was taken alive to the Temple of Sarenrae and interrogated. Kane was able to have Kif raised from death through the healing powers of the temple.Khrysm.jpg

- The group found the slave ring led back to the docks and they waited on a ship to dock with potential slaves on it. After seeing some commotion in the water Azul dove in and was attacked by creatures of the deep. His fortune seemed uncanny as the creatures barely missed a meal by dragging him below. His avoidance of this fate was deemed by the deities, and even Asmodeus must have some purpose for Azul as the elf reveres them all as equals to be respected.

- After acquiring a ship and a not so seaworthy crew the group headed towards The Lady’s Light, a massive light house southeast of Magnimar. What drove the party in this direction was Natalya Vankaskerkin and the first piece of a mysterious artifact known to Azul as the Sihedron. The Shard of Greed was in her possession and after her attack on Azul and her involvement with the slave ring she was now wanted dead by the party.Lady_s_Light_2.jpg

- The crew was inept and nearly killed the group by running the ship into a cliffside next to the light house. Kif took the form of a swimming creature and dove deep into the cove and found a treasure chest with a wand of lightning bolt and the crown of a long-deceased king.

- Soon thereafter the party ran into a half-orc witch named Maroux. She provided the group with information and made her desires towards Azul very well known. She led the group to the secret entrance into the Lady’s Light and helped us secure protection from the troglodytes and boggards of the swampy region.Maroux.jpg

- After gaining entry into the caves of the light house the party fought a hydra, found a secret underwater area with a landing containing a sarcophagus with an apparent clone of the Runelord of Lust named Sorshen. Interesting but the group moved on.

- The group got into small boats and nearly fell prey to gargantuan water elementals which seemed to be protecting the shallow graves of Natalya Vankaskerkin and Sasha the female Lycan. In the next chamber there were signs of a battle and 15 corpses of some woman warriors known only as Grey Maidens.

- More exploration, disarmed traps by Salkamarth, and a chamber with an ever-burning fire seemed to have the group stumped. A mural of Sorshen held the way out and it was to kiss the feet of the mural, instantly teleporting to the other side of a wall.

- Jaidin cast water breathing on the group after seeing only one boat and another landing some 200 feet away. There were also Grey Maidens battling a Succubus and an Incubus about 500 feet away. The deities granted Azul another miracle after he dove into the water. Large water serpents nearly took his spirit into the Great Beyond.

The Story Thus Far

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