Tag: Kaer Maga


  • Rogard Hammerfell

    Rogard Hammerfell is the current leader of the Duskwardens, a group of vigilant men and women who patrol the miles of tunnels beneath the Varisian city of Kaer Maga, and lead travelers along the Halflight Path into and out of the city.

  • Vargun

    The Troll Augur appears incongruously civilized, with careful mannerisms, a thoughtful look, and a long purple toga with a horizontal slit in the stomach covered in old bloodstains. The Augurs of Kaer Maga are one of its most famous and influential …

  • Abra Lopati

    Abra Lopati is the bastard son of a traveling Varisian father and a Chelish mother from a middle- class family in Korvosa. Their dalliance was never intended to be more than a fling-the two met at a festival, spent several night s together in the …