NPC, Augur, Kaer-Maga


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Race/Species: Troll
Class: Rogue 2/Expert 3
Gender: Female
Homeland: Kaer Maga
Organization: Augurs of Kaer Maga


The Troll Augur appears incongruously civilized, with careful mannerisms, a thoughtful look, and a long purple toga with a horizontal slit in the stomach covered in old bloodstains. The Augurs of Kaer Maga are one of its most famous and influential factions. The all-troll ascetic group practices a strange form of haruspicy in which members cut open their stomachs and read their own entrails to divine secrets about the future, trusting their regeneration to heal them up again after each reading. Of course, in the Age of Lost Omens, prophecy is chancy at best-yet fortunately for the Augurs, this matters little, as very few of the Augurs have any real magical abilities. Instead, their insights come from the fact that in Kaer Maga, most everyone consults them before undertaking any major business deal or political power play, thus making them possibly the most informed group in the city.


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