Sasha Vidaxus

NPC, Human Werewolf, DECEASED


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race/Species: Human (Werewolf)
Class: Rogue 2
Gender: Female
Homeland: Magnimar, Varisia
Organization: Sczarni (Tower Girls)


A lean figure emerged from the shadows, a female Werewolf with snarling fangs; she was the embodiment of the feral beast. Behind her was a young woman who was equally as feral but not a Lycan, she was more Human but there was something different about her. Sasha recognized Azul as a fellow Lycan and bade the party to help her assault the guard tower assuring us that Natalya Vancaskerkin was within and she had something we wanted (The Shard of Greed). From that moment we had made a meager alliance with Sasha and the Tower Girls.

We later found Sasha’s corpse buried beneath the Lady’s Light. Buried next to her was Natalya.

Sasha Vidaxus

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