Pugwampus (Wampy)

As if the world’s most revolting lapdog had somehow learned to walk on its back legs, this gangly creature slinks forward carefully.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race/Species: Fey, Gremlin
Class: Rogue (acrobat) 12
Gender: ?
Homeland: Magnimar
Organization: Emissars of the Crossroads


Pugwampis live in caves or ruined buildings, occasionally venturing forth to find victims upon which to inflict their sick senses of humor. Their “jokes” tend to involve spikes and excrement, or sometimes pits full of spiders or campsites that flood with swamp water. Certainly only the pugwampis consider their jokes funny. As all pugwampis are somewhat deaf, when not trying to be stealthy, they tend to scream and yell loudly so they can hear themselves and each other.

At some point in the distant past, pugwampis became enamored of gnolls, seeing in the beast-men a kindred form and thus aspiring to the height and deadly prowess of the savage warriors, whom they honor as gods. Gnolls, for their part, hate pugwampis even more than other creatures, mostly because of the gremlins’ weakness and sickening fawning, though they sometimes keep the gremlins around just to torment them.

“Wampy” first encountered the Emissars of the Crossroads after being released from a box somewhere in Magnimar, there upon engaging the party with several of his Pugwampi companions. After his companions were dispatched Wampy was spared and offered asylum by Azul who felt pity on him and spoke to him in Gnoll. Wampy thus far seems content with the scraps he is offered, he went on to spend some time at the Wayward Lobster while the party went off on a quest. When the Emissars finally arrived back in Magnimar Wampy began eating better and became attached to the group, thus gaining a sense of loyalty. Wampy has come along way, he has travelled farther than he has ever travelled in his short life riding all the way to Kaer Maga on the Emissar’s ship the Whistledown. He hopes to see other places if he can. Wampy now has his own chamber in the Zephyr. He often entertains himself by playing with Ozmandius, KF’s Chihuahua companion, whom he chases when he gets bored. Wampy eats very well now and has even started caring about his hygiene to an extent, mainly because others mostly do it for him. Innuvien and Madrea frequently bathe him; applying lotions and fragrant oils, they also like to dress him up in custom fitted clothing which the girls tailor themselves. They also brush his hair which he seems to enjoy immensely. A word of warning; he loves his belly to be rubbed. Just don’t get too close to his twig and berries, because he seems to enjoy that much more.

Below is a picture of Wampy in his current state.


Pugwampus (Wampy)

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