Merien Janus

Exquisitely beautiful, this fair lady dances upon the wind as an Elementalist of the Air.



Merien Janus, while seemingly innocuous holds power over the Element of Air. So much so that her title as Keeper of the Four Winds does not quite grant justice to the power she wields. Her family and bloodline are mixed with the blood of the Djinn and she is an Ambassador to the Council of the Sky on the Elemental Plane of Air. The ruling Sultan Zafir XXXVIII has granted Merien Janus full access to the Sacred Cloudscapes which provide visions from the deities with stunning clarity and prophetic accuracy. Merien has seen the resurrection of powerful god-like beings known as the Runelords and their attempt to destroy a small planet known as Golarion. Truly an insignificant planet as far as geographical make-up Golarion has some sort of power within its people and a small place known as Absalom that seems to be a spawning ground for Gods. The Test of the Starstone has brought three individuals into the Hall of Faith to become deities after successfully passing the test. Iomedae, Cayden Cailean, and Norgorber are now gods. The Runelords are close to their goal. If the Runelords succeed in bringing an ancient artifact known as the Sihedron of Sin into a singular state of being only the Gods know what ripple effect it will have through the known Cosmos. Seven shards each representing a Runelord and one of the seven deadly sins. But there could be an out. Seven virtuous women known as Elementalists could be the difference between a world of hate, death, and war and a world of love, life, and peace. Merien Janus is a prime example of humility as she could have used her power to escape from the Imprisonment spell cast over her while she was on the Elemental Plane of Air but her virtue held fast realizing that she would be sought out for her wisdom, intellectual cunning, and ultimately her power over the sin of Pride. How the Runelords intend on using the Test of the Starstone to their advantage to become gods is beyond Merien Janus but this seems a logical conclusion to their machinations. Yet the seven virtuous Elementalists may be able use their powers to bring the Sihedron of Virtue to completion which would bring a dead king back to life and grant the people of Golarion a new dawn of resurrected peace.

Merien Janus

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