Lumbering forward with a freakish gait. Loud and obnoxious, Kob and Kog bicker and sneer at each other. Globs of vile spit are flung about as they argue, occasionally butting their heads accusing each other of being a stubborn Troll’s ass.

Alignment: CN
Race/Species: Ettin
Class: Fighter
Gender: Male
Homeland: Varisia
Organization: Sheila Heidmarch

Ettins, or two-headed giants, as they are often called, are vicious and unpredictable hunters that stalk by night and eat any meat they can catch. An ettin at first appears to be a stone or hill giant with two heads. On closer inspection, however, the creature’s vast differences from the relatively civilized giant races become readily apparent. An ettin has pink to brownish skin, though it appears to be covered in a dark brown hide. This is because an ettin never bathes if it can help it, and is therefore usually encrusted with a thick layer of dirt and grime. Its skin is thick, giving the ettin its high Armor Class. An ettin’s hair is long, stringy, and unkempt; its teeth are large, yellowing, and often rotten. The ettin’s facial features strongly resemble those of an orc — large watery eyes, turned-up piggish snout, and large mouth. An ettin’s right head is always the dominant one, and the right arm and leg will likely appear slightly more muscular and well-developed than the left. An ettin wears only rough, untreated skins, which are dirty and unwashed. Obviously, ettins smell very bad, due to their complete lack of grooming habits — good or bad. Ettins do not have a true language of their own. Instead, they speak a mish-mash of orc, goblin, giant dialects, and the alignment tongue of chaotic evil creatures. Any adventurer who speaks orcish can understand 50% of what an ettin says.



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