Abra Lopati

NPC, Duskwarden, Contact in Kaer Maga


A highly trained member of the Duskwardens, Abra Lopati is completely devoted to protecting the people of Kaer Maga from the horrors that slumber in the caverns beneath it, and can be an invaluable ally for those determined to explore the Undercity.


Abra Lopati is the bastard son of a traveling Varisian
father and a Chelish mother from a middle- class family
in Korvosa. Their dalliance was never intended to be
more than a fling-the two met at a festival, spent several
night s together in the Varisian caravan’s camp just
beyond the city limits, and parted ways with a kiss and an
acknowledgment that both would treasure the memories.
Yet just a few months later, it became clear that more had
come from their union than either had expected.
A bra’s illegitimacy was already a mark of shame for
his mother’s family, yet it wasn’t until he was born and
his Varisian features were revealed that things truly
went sour. His maternal grandfather, deeply prejudiced
toward the traveling folk, flew into a rage and cast Abra’s
mother out onto the street, where she was forced to take
any menial j ob s she could find j u s t to get by. At last,
when A bra was 8, she fell sick and died, leaving him alone
in a city that had little time for a half-blood orphan.
Abra knew nothing of his father except the man’s
surname-Lopati-and harbored a deep resentment
over his mother’s unfortunate situation, and so it never
occurred to him to seek shelter with either side of his
family. Instead, he learned to work Korvosa’s street s ,
panhandling and stealing, living on rooftops and under
merchant carts. Here he honed his reflexes and discovered
his deep and abiding love of urban exploration-the thrill
of seeing the sun rise from a previously undis covered
rooftop in the Shingles , mapping the s ecret corridors of
the city’s sewers , reading the patterns of rat migrations,
and convincing pigeons to stand guard while he slept.
Though his need was great, it was this j oy in uncovering
hidden things that led him to a career as an underage
burglar, slipping into the rich hou s e s of S outh Shore
plutocrats and rummaging through their p o s s e s sions.
The day before his tenth birthday, Abra fell victim
to a silent magical alarm, and was hauled before the
magistrate and sentenced to life in a workhous e . After
2 months of hard labor, little food, and cruel dis cipline,
Abra decided he’d had enough. He es caped through a
third- story window, clambered down a sheer wall and
exited the city, then headed upriver toward the legendary
refuge of all fugitive s : Kaer Maga.
Once in the City of Strangers, Abra quickly found
himself back in the same situations he’d known in
Korvo sa, grubbing for s crap s and fighting with other
gangs of street kid s . It was during one of the s e brawls
that he first met a Duskwarden. High in the rickety
scaffolding ofthe Warren, Abra had been backed up to the
edge of a plank by a group of older children, leaving him
weighing the merits of a 4 0 – foot drop against the beating
he was sure to suffer from this gang. He’d just decided
to fight when a figure in brown and gray dropped down
lightly between them. At the sight of the tall half- elven
woman with the blue-and-gold badge of a Duskwarden,
the gang melted away, and Abra was in love.
The Duskwarden’s name was Lincora Yier. Introducing
herself as another orphaned half-breed, she praised A bra’s
fighting spirit and offered him a chance at a new life as a
city defender. Utterly smitten, A bra agreed, and from then
on was Lincora’s shadow. The half- elf was his teacher,
his best friend, and eventually his lover. Through her,
he rediscovered his love of exploration for its own sake,
and devoted himself with gusto to the various tasks she
set him to. When he turned 2 2 , he passed the final tests
and was inducted into the Duskwardens as a full member,
swearing himself to the city’s defense-and to Lincora,
as her husband. For the next 5 years, the two ventured
deeper into the secret tunnels beneath Kaer Maga than
most of their comrades, making extended tours through
forgotten dungeons and caverns. Then one day the
couple’s luck turned, and a weeping Abra stumbled into
the Duskwarden Guildhouse bearing the broken body
of his wife-the latest victim of one of Varisia’s most
sinister legends , the Dark Rider.
In the 3 years since Lincora’s death, the now 30 -yearold
A bra has lost much ofhis carefree attitude. Where
once he explored the ruins for their own sake, now he
does so primarily out of duty and a need for vengeance.
His superiors, fearing he may embark on a final suicide
mis sion and never return, have as signed him to ferrying
travelers up the Halflight Path, a relatively safe and stable
posting. The stoic A bra doesn’t complain-and indeed, of
late he’s come to believe that the best way to honor Lincora’s
memory would be to recruit new Duskwardens, just as she
once recruited him. Since having this revelation, A bra has
become noticeably more personable, and is eager to talk
with outsiders who he feels might have what it takes . The
Duskwarden is a staunch friend to those who deserve it,
and an implacable guardian of his adopted city.

Abra Lopati

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